Potions requires that you install our private app on your Shopify store.
You will find below the steps allowing you to create your personalized app :
  1. In your Shopify admin interface, access to Applications.
  1. Click on “Develop apps for your store”
  1. Click on “Create an app” et rentrez “Potions” en nom de l’application
  1. Click on “Configure admin API scopes”
  1. Select the following scopes :
    1. read_inventory
    2. read_orders
    3. read_product_listings
    4. read_products
    5. read_locales
    6. read_translations
    7. read_markets
    8. write_products (tri produit uniquement)
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  1. Click on “Save”
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  1. Click on “Install app”
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  1. Send to Potions (or write directly in your shared workspace)
  • Shopify Hostname,
  • Admin API access token,
  • API secret
  • API secret key